Michaela Nessim Art


Last Updated on August 22, 2020



profileMichaela Nessim is an artist communicating through colour and imagery. Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Toronto where she lives, in America at Maison et Object trade show and in London, England. Michaela's art is featured and sold on Wayfair as well as via Oliver Gal in the USA. She also has established ongoing relationships with boutique Canadian art galleries and works in her studio in the Distillery district in Toronto.

Her unique background plays an important role in her interpretation of her surroundings and on how she paints. Born in Stockholm to a Swedish family on her father's side, she spent precious summers enjoying the impact that light can have on our wellbeing. Michaela was exposed to vibrant colour through her mother who worked in fashion and interior design. Living in France as a young adult introduced her to impressionist art and that style has had the most impact on her own work over the years as she interprets the world around her.

Each painting is derived from Michaela's imagination and inspired by her surroundings, from her belief in angels, and love of people and nature.

''My belief is that colour and light can heal and create a window in your space for you to look through and feel content, healed and energized.'' Michaela Nessim.